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Handling a wide range of products
in a way that both improves productivity and reduces costs

Yokomori Manufacturing Co.,
Ltd. Iwaki Factory

Head office: 1-29-2 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

A top manufacturer of steel staircases. Yokomori Manufacturing has developed an original 3D CAD system for staircases. This enables system-based management of not only drawing preparation but all stages of the process including material ordering, manufacture and delivery, resulting in high-quality products. Since Yokomori Manufacturing took their first steps as “KAIDAN-YA (stairmakers)” over half a century ago, they have assessed what their customers want in a staircase and given them more, constantly providing safer and higher-quality staircases than before. In addition to its secondary-industry work as a manufacturer, Yokomori Manufacturing is constantly strengthening its service measures, combining hard and soft measures in what they call the “2.5 industry”. They strive to be the top manufacturer of staircases and the company their customers prefer.

Iwaki Factory

Iwaki Factory

Mr. Tsuyoshi Sato, Iwaki Factory Manager

Mr. Tsuyoshi Sato, Iwaki Factory Manager

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Revamping for reduced cost
and increased production volume

“There were two key points in our solution to these problems. The first was reducing labor costs in our stair tread production lines.
Our previous system required the work of 2.5 people, including manual processing and arrangement.
The other key point was expanding our in-house production volume.
We previously needed to outsource work as we were unable to keep up with demand in-house,
and there were issues with our existing facilities and skills.
We needed to improve our system specifications and skill level so that we could do this work in-house.
Our need to solve these problems arose when we developed new products with a better design.” - Mr. Sato

  • Our factory

  • Previous facilities

  • Treads for various staircases



Solving problems in a workplace
with an extensive track record

“When we implemented our new facilities,
the deciding factors were AMADA ORII’s various solutions to the problems and reliability based on past successes.
With the revamping of our production line, our production process became fully automated,
with the result that one person’s work was now needed.
We also changed our straightener to one with a stock thickness of up to 3.2mm,
enabling us to do previously difficult work in-house. Our coil lines were also improved.
Pre-arrangements (coil preparation) and coil setting were automated so that they no longer needed to be done manually, streamlining our coil line processes.
This system is a comprehensive system including a shear cutting line, bender and equipment for welding,
conveyance and collection. It comprises facilities from three companies.
The combined strengths of these manufacturers were another major deciding factor.” - Mr. Sato

  • Coil line

  • This line and the line for the next process comprise equipment from three companies

  • This work can now be done by one person

Components of Coil Handling System

【HTL16 Shear Cutting Line】

  • Stock Specifications

    Material SS400
    Stock Thickness 1.6 ~ 3.2mm
    Stock Width 1,000 ~ 1,510mm
    Coil Weight ~10t
  • Line Specifications

    Line Speed 4 m/min
    Feed Length 600 ~ 2,000mm
  • Leveler Performance

    368 N/mm2 (yield strength): Stock thickness 3.2 mm x stock width 1,510 mm
  • Automatic insertion

    Automatic loading (to the leveler after loading on the coil car)
  • Automatic adjustment

    Leveler straightening adjustment at 5 levels according to coil O.D., functions that can be programmed according to job data, etc.

・The product features, services and other information described here are correct as of January 2016.
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