Corporate Activities

AMADA GROUP Management Philosophy

  • 01
    Growing Together with Our Customers
    Our company has been sharing this philosophy as a starting point for all of our business activities since its formation. We believe that the creation and provision of new values based on customers’ perspectives will strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between our customers and the AMADA Group, and become a source of mutual development.
  • 02
    Contribute to the international community through our business
    Our company recognizes that contributing to “manufacturing” conducted by our customers throughout the world leads to the development not only of local communities, but also the international community as a whole, and we conduct our business activities with the aim of providing the highest quality of solutions in each market around the world by optimally distributing our group’s management resources.
  • 03
    Develop human resources who pursue creative and challenging activities
    Rather than being content with the present situation, we are constantly in search of new and better ideas to put into action in order to improve and enhance our business activities. This is the AMADA Group’s basic philosophy of human resources development, and we believe that AMADA’s unique corporate culture will be further developed by continuing to practice this philosophy.
  • 04
    Conduct sound corporate activities based on high ethics and fairness
    We promote transparency and we comply with regulations in the AMADA Group’s management and in all aspects of its business activities, and strive to further enhance its corporate value while conducting sound activities.
  • 05
    Take good care of people and the earth's environment
    By treating the AMADA Group’s stakeholders (such as shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and local residents) and the global environment with respect, we strive to continue to be a good company for both people and the earth.

1. Quality Assurance Initiatives (Isehara-suzukawa Works / Kawaguchi Works)

Quality Policy

ORII&MEC CORPORATION has formulated a “Medium-term Management Plan” as a group-wide policy. We here at ORII&MEC strive to gain customer satisfaction and trust though our goals and efforts to achieve the management plan.

Quality Management System (QMS) ISO9001:2015


Certified on July 31st, 2000
Certification/registration number: CU/1694
Offices: Orii&Mec Corporation Head Office and Kawaguchi Office
Certified by: UKAS/SOCOTEC Certification Japan

2. Environmental Initiatives (Isehara-suzukawa Works / Kawaguchi Works / Domestic sales office of press room automation buisiness)

Basic Philosophy

AMADA ORII contribute to society by complying with environmental laws and regulations, continually working to reduce our environmental impact, and conducting corporate activities that take environmental conservation into account when manufacturing and selling products such as press room automation equipment and spring machines.

Action Policy
  1. 1. We shall understand the environmental impact of by-products such as CO2 emissions, waste discharge, and wastewater discharge, and work to reduce this impact.
  2. 2. We shall actively pursue energy saving, green purchasing, and recycling activities.
  3. 3. We shall promote appropriate management of chemical substances covered by PRTR legislation.
  4. 4. We shall strive to provide products and services that take environmental impact into account.
  5. 5. We shall conduct environmental awareness programs for all our employees to raise awareness.
  6. 6. This environment policy shall be disseminated to all our employees and disclosed externally whenever requested.

  • Environmental Education

    Environmental Education

    Environmental education is conducted for all department supervisors and the Eco-action21 promotion committee. Members participating in environmental awareness activities also actively educate all employees on the environment.

  • Reducing CO2 Emissions

    Reducing CO2 Emissions

    AMADA ORII formulates a "mid-term environmental target" every 3 years. The ratio between production yield and CO2 emissions is defined as a base unit, and targets are set to continuously reduce this base unit every year.

  • Developing and Selling Environmentally-friendly Products

    Developing and Selling Environmentally-friendly Products

    AMADA ORII promotes the development of environmentally-conscious products for the goals of improving work environments and reducing the environmental impact of its customers.

  • Contributing to Society

    Contributing to Society

    Isehara-suzukawa Works and Kawaguchi office clean the streets in the surrounding area once a month. Isehara-suzukawa Works also participates in environmental conservation activities, including Isehara City's River Cleaning Strategy and the Oyama Clean Campaign.

Environmental management system (EMS): Eco Action 21

Eco Action 21

Certified on July 1st, 2008
Offices: All of Orii&Mec Corporation's offices
Certified by: Eco-action 21 Central Secretariat (Institute for Promoting Sustainable Societies)

3.Social community support (Isehara-suzukawa Works)

AMADA ORII are working to enable all employees to both work and raise children,
and to create a pleasant working environment.

  • Great working conditions

    Great working conditions

    It is extremely important to us that our employees have enough time off. Any work situation that makes it difficult for employees to take all of their annual leave is taken seriously and rectified.

  • Next Generation development support

    Next Generation development support

    "Family Day" is held so that children can see firsthand their parents working.

Kanagawa child-rearing support group

Kanagawa child-rearing support group

We obtained the attestation certificate and certification mark as "a company which advances efforts toward children and child-rearing support (Kanagawa child-rearing support group) based upon "Ordinance for Kanagawa children and child rearing support promotion" on January 22nd, 2010.