Standard extension machine. Double loop end is available.  The machine enables high speed production.

Your spring is transferred after forming.  Shape forming and a production check are done in each stage.


  • High speed production of beautiful hook shapes

    ・A dedicated machine for extension springs with a wire diameter 0.20mm to 1.00 mm.
    ・Produces a more beatiful hook shape than any other machine.
    ・Enables a much higher speed of production than general torsion machines.
    ・Programs for a wide variety of hooks are provided.

  • Beautiful hook shape

    CLS-10A can produce English hooks, German hooks, U hooks, side hooks and Indian hooks.
    ・Rolled shape with more than 1 loop in both coil ends is possible. Closed double loop ends are available.
    ・Ringshape processing available from start to end.
    ・No outward facing hookend.

  • Automatic program

    Same diameter / Varied diameter / One side U hook / Both sides U hook
    Feeding quantity and 3D coiling operation are programmed automatically for each shape.

  • O.D. adjustment function

    O.D. adjustment function cotributes much longer automatic operation.

  • Strong feed unit

    Two sets of feed rollers. The stability is increased by strength and pressure.

  • Option

    IS-1X」 shape detection unit with camera. 6 points can be measured at once by 2 cameras.

Model CLS-10A
Wire dia. 0.20~1.0mm
Outside dia. 1.5~12mm
Closed coil length W.D.×12 ~150mm (5.9055 in) *
Winding direction Right
Feed axis Max. speed 120m/min (393.700 ft)
Point axis min. input 0.001mm
Torsion axis Resolution 0.001°
IT axis Resolution 0.001°
Cam axis Resolution 0.001°
Transfer axis Resolution 0.001°
Clamp axis Resolution0.001°
Power supply AC 3- Phase 200V 8A
Solenoid valve 8 pcs
Service air pressure 0.5MPa( 5.1kgf/c㎡ )
Control device OS Windows
Display 15.6" Full HD touch panel
Net weight 600kg

* Specifiactions are subject to be changed by wire diameter.

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