Realizing best-in-class conveyance speed while maintaining the RY Robot high accuracy

RHN 2axis servo robotの写真

  • Advanced conveyance robot offering high speed, stability and enhanced operability.

    The RHN120 series of inter-press conveyance robots provides the best-in-class conveyance speed with superior accuracy, greatly increasing productivity compared to previous models. With safety at the base of all improvements, this series enhances ORII & MEC’s already well-established smooth, high-speed conveyance and advanced accuracy. A friendlier interface and one-touch removal system are just a few of the improvements that ensure precise performance to meet the needs of the next generation of customers.

  • Best-in-class conveyance speed.

    Cycle time has been reduced from 1.7 seconds (existing models) to 1.5 seconds, establishing a best-in-class conveyance speed which

    contributes to efficiency and energy conservation.

  • Reliable, stable conveyance

    Improved feed bar flexibility and support methods. Reduced vibration of the hand unit enhances conveyance speed.

  • User-friendly, multi-functional operations

    Built-in panel interface facilitates better operability and visibility. Teaching functions are more convenient, switching lines is easier than ever, and the various energy-saving modes make environmentally-conscious operations routine.

  • Newly developed one-touch removal system

    The RHN Robot Series now comes with our unique one-touch hand removal device as part of the standard specifications, greatly reducing time required to replace units for setup changes. The one-touch removal method introduces a tool-free system that replaces the bolted on method, trimming the work required for adjustments.


Model RHN120S1 RHN120L1
Feed Length mm 1,000~1,200 1,201~1,500
Vertical Stroke mm 0~100 0~100
Cycle Time ※1 sec 1.5~※2 1.8~※3
Max.Workpiece Weight ※4 kg 4.0×2 4.0×2
Repeatability※5 mm ±0.3 ±0.3
Workpiece pick up Vacuum ・ Magnet
Weight kg Aprox. 350 Aprox. 350

※1 Cycle time may vary with work shape, feed length, vertical stroke, etc.

※2 Value when feed length is 1200mm and vertical stroke is 50mm

※3 Value when feed length is 1500mm and vertical stroke is 50mm

※4 Max. work piece weight: total weight, including finger and work piece

※5 Precision using automated operations. Value may vary by work piece and transfer conditions.


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