The history of the press robot is the history of the RY Robot system.

The high reliability is based on the refinement of the basic design. The wide range of variation takes into account the requirements of the pressroom. The RY Systems adaptable configuration makes it flexible enough to meet changes in application requirements. The RY Robot has been a long running best seller attesting to it’s unwavering performance. Since the release of the RY Robot system into the automation market it has achieved an outstanding sales record of 7,000 sold. With the RY Systems high potential, and strong power it is easy to rationalize it’s usage in meeting your press automation demands.

RY Robot Systemの写真

  • A bestseller since release, a superior fundamental performance continues to produce advanced results.

    The RY Robot performs mechanical motioned based on a traditional cam drive, ensuring accurate and smooth conveyance based on unfailing precision, speed and reliability. The high-performance air clutch allows for exacting control. Finger position on the die is easy as the extremely slow movement required for inching is completely automated. The robot also boasts multiple finger variations. The RY Robot is at the top in its class, offering solid reliability and extensive flexibility.

  • High speed and high reliability with our new feed bar shape.

    The RY Robot equipped with our newly developed T-shape feed bar, which features superior rigidity and stability. This original ORII & MEC innovation allows for exceedingly reliable operations at high speeds while producing significantly less friction and vibration.

  • Wide variety of hand units

    The “one hand/one work piece” method has proven to be the best for minimizing changeover times for various kinds of work pieces. The RY Robot integrates various pick up system, from vacuum cups to electromagnetic units, fingers, and holders-creating an adaptable unit that can be configured for specific applications. ORII & MEC’s advanced lineup reflects our rich and varied experience, facilitating faster and easier press automation.

  • Operation panel: exceptional operability

    A well-organized and easy to view touch panel. The fail-safe design helps to prevent operator error.

  • The RY Robot System is flexible to meet pressroom conditions.

    Flexible line layouts such as angled configurations are acceptable with adaptable attachments and peripheral components. Therefore, these are no limitations such as line length, or compatibility with other processing lines to constrain the solutions offered by the RY Robot System.


    Up Loader

    Turn Over

    Up/Down Table

    Turn Table

    Un-Loader Hand

Model RY-080S3 RY-100S3 RY-120S3 RY-120L3
Feed Length (mm) 760〜800 801〜1,000 1,001〜1,200 1,201〜1,500
Vertical Stroke (mm) 30〜65 30〜65 30〜50, 40〜65, 60〜100
Cycle Time ※1 (sec) 1.4〜1.9 1.5〜2.0 1.7〜2.2 2.5〜3.0
Max. Workpiece Weight ※2 (kg) 2.0×2 2.0×2 4.0×2 4.0×2
Repeatability (mm) ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.3 ±0.3
Workpiece pick up Vacuum ・ Magnet
Weight (kg) 400 400 500 500

※1 Rarely affected by Workpiece form.

※2 The total weight of Workpiece and finger.


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