Spring Machine Business MEC

Springs that Change the World

With technology from MEC, AMADA ORII has the ultimate in spring production machinery.
Our fine springs have the power to change the future.


Small, thin springs with big possibilities

With raw material as thin as 0.016 mm, our machines can produce springs that are thinner than a human hair and smaller than a grain of rice. "MEC" brand's fine, precise spring production machinery plays a large role in the miniaturization and enhanced performance of a wide range of products, from ballpoint pens to smartphones to medical catheters.


Creating all kinds of shapes

We have developed a mechanism that uses a 16-axis wire rotator to produce springs from any angle.
Recent improvements have made it possible to produce springs in a wide range of complicated shapes.


Making products easy to use

With easy-to-use control panels, you don't need to be a specialist operator to perform advanced measuring and production management with our machinery. We listen to our customers and focus strongly on user-friendliness to create products that are convenient and easy to use.


"MEC" brand's world-renowned
"Japanese quality"

We have brought many revolutionary technologies to the world, including the MF-7, which was selected as the 14th Spring Technology Heritage of the Japan Society of Spring Engineers.
We now assist in the creation of high quality products by improving the precision of parts and assembly processes and developing advanced control programs. Our products are widely adopted not only in Japan, but in other advanced industrialized countries such as Germany and the United States.
Our presence continues to expand in growing markets such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan, and our products have become the global standard for spring machines.

Springs that change the world

"MEC" brand's spring machines offer the ultimate in precision, which has seen them adopted in a wide range of products, including advanced IT devices (smartphones, PCs, and wearable devices), HD cameras, ultra-thin ballpoint pen tips, and precision medical devices such as catheters. Our springs have played a large role in bringing such products to the next level. We will continue to pursue the ultimate in fine spring production so that we can create even more possibilities in manufacturing and bring the world a better future.