Press Room Automation Business ORII

Extensive Support System

Press room automation division's sales representatives are specialists in everything from proposals to repairs.
We have a nationwide network that enables us to provide immediate,
accurate support when a problem arises.
This unparalleled support system is another one of our strengths.


We're right nearby for your peace of mind.

When a problem arises, we're right on hand. We have sales and service offices all over Japan that enable us to visit you immediately when you have a problem, providing you with peace of mind.


A company our customers can count on

We directly ask our customers questions, propose solutions to problems, and follow up on further requirements and requests for improvement. We also make sure that our sales, technical, and manufacturing staff communicate with each other closely to improve our products and conduct new research and development. AMADA ORII provides one-stop solutions, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and follow-up service. Our mission to be a company our customers can count on is at the core of everything we do.


Optimal condition at all times

We provide various solutions, including proposals for improvements, maintenance, and repairs, so that our machines - and therefore your stamping lines - operate at 100% at all times. AMADA ORII's sales representatives combine a wide range of knowledge and skills to achieve a high level of performance.

Extensive follow-up service for smoother line work

With the high cost of machinery and the effect that the failure of a single device can have on the entire line, it is extremely important that you receive proper follow-up service after your purchase. "ORII" brand provides more extensive support than any other company.